Correct Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism

The scary thing when we write a paper is consciously or unconsciously, it turns out we have done plagiarism. A professional writer or rewriter will be embarrassed when his work is expressed as a result of plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, writers must paraphrase. Special skills are needed to paraphrase properly. If you feel unsure about the results of paraphrasing you can use the Paraphrasing Tool. Even though you are an expert paraphraser, you need to use the Paraphrasing Tool as an additional reference to words and language style.

There are many definitions of paraphrasing. I conclude that paraphrasing is a way to borrow ideas without becoming plagiarism. Now, how about a good “how to borrow ideas”? Do you have to contact the original author and ask permission to rewrite his work? I don’t think so; the best way is to use your own language and knowledge to rewrite the contents of the paragraph without losing the intent and essence of writing. The main purpose of paraphrasing is the writing is easy to understand, therefore paraphrasing is highly recommended if the author finds a source that reinforces the concept of writing but may be difficult for readers to understand.

In addition to making ideas easier to understand, paraphrasing can also be used to maintain the coherence and integrity of the writing flow. The full flow of writing will make the reader more interested in reading. In my opinion, paraphrasing is better than doing a quote directly, if there are many direct quotes, your writing is not good to read. Readers need new ideas and fresh knowledge of the author, maybe the reader will be easier to get bored if they often read direct quotes.

The paraphrase technique is unique. Every writer has a different way of paraphrasing, if you are a new writer; don’t be confused to start writing. If you have to paraphrase, do the following: understand the text by reading it repeatedly, after understanding the save text and try to rewrite it. Compare the results of your paraphrase with the original text to check whether all ideas, especially important ideas are listed in the paraphrase results. If paraphrasing is too difficult, please use the Paraphrasing Tool. After everything is done, don’t forget to write the library source or reference, if you intend to take the paraphrase.

To practice paraphrasing skills can be started from a lower level, such as paraphrasing a few sentences. After being proficient, improve by paraphrasing a paragraph. Continue to practice this skill until you succeed in paraphrasing a novel, article, scientific book, etc.

Educational Career Success with Admissions Consulting

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